Saturday, May 05, 2007

Listen to Nicky Gumbel

We had the immense pleasure recently of listening live to Nicky Gumbel the Minister of Holy Trinity Brompton in London.

Nicky is an inspiring speaker and whether or not you are a Christian his gift of oratory is well worth listening to.

You can listen to a number of Nicky’s talks at the
HTB website at this link

The talk entitled
Engage by Nicky Gumbel is one I would strongly recommend.

There is much within Nicky’s talk about management, leadership and change and whether or not you are a Christian I’m confident you will learn something.

I hope regular Simplicity readers will take the opportunity to listen, free of charge – to a gifted speaker – one of the best I have come across.

I would love to hear your comments.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Treveor. I wasn't sure how to contact you via email, so am posting here. Please feel free to delete this message--it seems a bit critical, but is truly a heartfelt question.

I was drawn to your blog by its title, Simplicity, and a few early posts. I'm wondering if you plan to address that concept in future posts or if you plan to continue spend your efforts on football, religion and politics?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Steve and thanks for that comment.

Never apologise for being critical – that’s the point of Blogging.

Always great to have feedback even if critical. Those of us who write Blogs invite comment and we should therefore welcome constructive criticism such as yours.

My Blog is meant to be informative and reflective and I certainly try to keep simplicity in the forefront of my thinking at all times. Recently I agree I have perhaps spent a bit too much time on football.

Generally I focus on simplicity in management and leadership and I have taken to heart what you have said – I will try to focus a bit more on those things.

My e-mail address is
– feel free to drop me a line Steve.

Trevor Gay said...

PS Steve - my e-mail address is

Take care


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