Sunday, October 02, 2011

More wise words from JK

My friend Janardhanan Kannan (JK) from Bangalore asked me if he can post this on my Simplicity Blog and as always it is a great pleasure for me to do that.

What is Simplicity?? simple words .... by JK

Peace is Simplicity.Happiness is Simplicity. Simplicity is beauty.Loving and Caring is Simplicity

Choose a day as your "Day of Simplicity."

Speak little, and listen with attention.......i.e simplicity

Do something incognito and nice for a person you are close to. i.e.simplicity.

Eat simple and natural food. i.e simplicity

Create time periods for not doing anything – just walk, look around, live the moment........simply....i.e simplicity

Have your mind open to a more profound and silent sensitivity.i.e simplicity

Appreciate each scene and each person as they are. In the evening, write down your discoveries.

Observe the state of your mind. i.e.simplicity

Simplify your needs and wants and thereby simplify your living.i.e. simplicity.

And be a part of "Simplicity blog" of my friend Trevor Gay and continue to associate with the Blog.