Wednesday, May 09, 2007

World of Work - Then and Now

Since 2004 my world of work has changed dramatically for me.

For the last two and a half years I’ve worked from home as a self- employed trainer, consultant and author following my career of over 35 years in administration and management in the National Health Service (NHS).

Just a few musings about three years ago and now

Then – I had a boss
Now – I am my own boss

Then – Had set duties whether or not I liked them
Now – Only do work I enjoy

Then – Had set hours
Now – Work whenever I like

Then – Judged by bosses
Now – Judged by customers

Then – De-motivated, bored, tired and stale
Now – Enthusiastic, passionate keen to make a difference

Then – Uncertain about my future
Now – Looking forward to being 110 years old

Then – Not in love
Now – Very much in love

Then - Unhappy in my work
Now – Totally content in my work

Another huge issue is that I used to receive a healthy monthly salary that was guaranteed for me for another 12 years in the NHS if I had stayed.

Now I have no guarantee whatsoever of income each month and yet I love my new world of work much more than my old world of work.

Since I left the NHS I have received income from work every month and I have no regrets about leaving an 'apparent comfort blanket' of secure employment. That 'blanket' was not comfortable at all I assure you.

If you are fed up and wondering whether to jump from corporate life I would never tell you to go for it – I am not that arrogant. It must of course be your decision.

I would only say in my experience it worked for me and the reality was far less threatening than my fears about it before I made the jump.

Have OPTIMISM, ENTHUSIASM and most of all have FAITH in your own ability - that has been my biggest single learning point.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was something that drew me to your musings.

After 35+ years in healthcare, academia and the pharmaceutical industry, I decided that I was getting nearly nothing I desired, except a relatively handsome salary, from my rather traditional employment. That was nearly two years ago, and I believe my then and now list is very similar--except for one entry--I'm blessed to have been married to the woman I love for more than three decades.

Working from an office at home (thank goodness for high-speed internet) I consult, train and write in the area of human research ethics and something called Good Clinical Practice--basically, what needs to be done when you give experimental drugs to people. I choose my clients and projects, have a very flexible schedule and office "dress code" and have been lucky to attract enough business to meet my financial goals. Every single client has been a referral, so I'm gaining a bit of trust in the feeling that I'm doing something right in the area of service.

On an interesting related note, I have also been able to choose my suppliers/vendors and can now dismiss anyone who does not meet my own very high, but simple, service requirements--treat me like I matter and charge me a fair price. If you offer a premium product, I'll willingly pay a premium price. But if you want to charge a premium price for a mediocre product or service, and are not a monopoly, I'll go elsewhere and often take opportunity to advertise the mismatch.

Warmest Regards

Trevor Gay said...

Steve - WOW!! that is incredible - we have almost identical career paths - great to 'meet' virtually -lets keep in touch!

Drop me a line at this address: