Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I am delighted to say I have been appointed Chairman of a local voluntary organisation (in an unpaid capacity)


SNAP aims to enable parents and carers, the voluntary sector and statutory bodies to work together on behalf of children with special needs.

SNAP is an independent charity which works with parents from all parts of the Borough of Solihull.

I initially did some work about a year ago as a consultant for SNAP to try and assist them come to terms with massive changes going on in the voluntary sector. I was subsequently invited to join the Board of Directors and now comes the opportunity to become Chairman after just a few months.

How quickly these things happen.

SNAP is an organisation that is held in the highest possible esteem by the ‘customers’ of the services provided.

Last night (Tuesday) was my first Board Meeting as Chairman of the Board and I genuinely feel a sense of pride in being associated with an organisation that is so highly regarded by 'customers' of the service.

During the meeting the senior manager of SNAP showed us a letter signed by 10 parents of children who have special needs. The letter sang the praises of the service SNAP provides and how important it is for the quality of life of these parents.

It feels like a great responsibility to be Chairman of such a well respected and well loved organisation.

I just hope I can live up to this.

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