Saturday, May 19, 2007

We lost but I'm a United fan for Life!

Well done lads!! - United players looking gutted after losing 1-0

The new Wembley - today was the first matach at the magnificent new stadium

My team Manchester United lost in the first FA Cup Final at the new Wembley today ..... But hey ..... Come on United ... True United fans will never lose the faith.

Chelsea won the match 1-0 and sadly it was probably one of the worst finals ever as a spectacle considering these were the top two teams in the English Premiership this season.

United just didn’t get into top gear although I think they always looked the more attacking team.

It has nevertheless been a fabulous and memorable season for Sir Alex Ferguson’s young team winning the Premiership which has proved they are the best English team over 38 games.

The one match that now remains this season is the European Champions League final in Athens this coming Wednesday when Liverpool will be carrying the English flag against AC Milan from Italy.

I will be cheering for Liverpool despite the great and often bitter rivalry between my team Manchester United and Liverpool.

On such occasions however we English football fans must stick together in Europe!!


Annie G said...

Bad luck darling. I enjoyed the match - it gave me the opportunity to catch up my reading :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Reading aye???

Mmmmm... That's strange Hun .. I thought you almost woke up when I screamed as Ryan Giggs of United almost scored in extra time :-)