Friday, May 04, 2007

Spare a thought for the Receptionist

Annie and I ran a Customer Care Workshop for front line receptionists in a GP Surgery this week.

We had the pleasure of working with 16 receptionists and we were impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of these people to improve the way they do things.

Receptionists in doctor’s surgeries often get bad press and until you spend time working with them I would ask you to try and understand some of the pressures they are under.

They have to deal with the demands of ‘customers’ coming at them constantly. At the same time they are acting under strict instruction from doctors who are busy people and have to ration their time very carefully to meet the demands of their patients.

It makes for an interesting life as the ‘meat in a sandwich’ as a medical receptionist. Given the pressure they work under, it was good to hear that patient feedback is excellent on the whole.

What impressed us most was their willingness to accept that however good their service is, there is always potential to improve.

We enjoyed working with these front liners who represent their service very well.

Next time you visit your GP Surgery try and remember the Receptionists are key players in your treatment and they do their best under sometimes trying circumstances.

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