Thursday, May 24, 2007

Customers are not Stupid

Something that irritates me intensely is when I see advertisements for example as ‘Fly to X or Y place for £1’

When you make further enquires it turns out the flight ticket itself may well be £1 but with airport taxes and extras the cost can be anything up to £100 in my experience.

Not only is this a morally wrong 'con' I believe it should be made illegal.

I have had heated rows with representatives and I tell them they are lying to customers.

I usually get some very patronising person telling me it is ‘technically correct’ the flight costs £1 – it is airport taxes etc., that push up the price!

We customers are not stupid so please do not treat us as such.


Dmitry Linkov said...

This is very wrong! There are plenty of such examples and this is really disgusting.
When I find out that the company doesn't fulfill it's "1 book for 1 dollar" I will never go to them again. Isn't it obvious for them?

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Dmitry and yet these companies still carry on trading ... but probably justice will be done in the end.