Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Disappointing United crash out.

Wayne Rooney shows his disappointment as Man Utd lose and miss out on playing Liverpool in the final

Well that’s it for another year in Europe.

Manchester United crashed out of the European Champions league tournament in the semi final against AC Milan. United were well land truly stuffed 3-0 by a better team on the night. The aggregate score over the two legs was 5-3. We will now have to concentrate on wining the English premiership and the FA Cup which would still be a brilliant season. Once more … so close yet so far away …. Well done boys and better luck next year.


Anonymous said...


It is a harsh reality that Man U can play "outstanding" football all year and slip up at the penultimate hurdle... As in life you can be 100% on for a year and then in the game that really counts slip to 85% and be found wanting... In football as in life there is another game next week so the trick is to focus on what is left to be achieved this year....

I trust that my team Liverpool can fly the flag for Britiain and bring back the trophy from Athens...


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Richard

No complaints from me - we were beaten by a better team on the day. AC Milan were superb and fully deserved their victory.

It was simply a ‘bad day at the office’ for all the United players. No one really played well with the exception of Paul Scholes who was excellent and tried his heart out.

I am very proud to be a Man United fan and always will be. The lads have been terrific all season and we still have the real chance of wining both the Premiership title and the FA Cup which would make it a memorable season.

I will be rooting for Liverpool on the 23rd and good luck to all Liverpool fans.

Unknown said...

rl, it's not that difficult to understand why. I champions league there play the better teams in the continent, so until you win the competition you will always play against teams that at least are as good as you.