Monday, April 30, 2007

Almost there!

United's 65 year old manager Sir Alex celebrating like a teenager as United's 4th goal hits the net!

At one point on Saturday afternoon Manchester United were losing 2-0 at Everton and at the same time Chelsea were 2-1 ahead against Bolton.

That meant the pendulum had swung heavily in favour of Chelsea taking the Premiership title. Everyone at Chelsea was delighted and we United millions were grim.

The message is – not for the first time in the last 20 years - never give up; and never ever underestimate the master tactician Sir Alex Ferguson.

Just 25 minutes later Manchester United were 4-2 winners and Chelsea had drawn 2-2.

This now means United are looking almost certain to take the trophy and how they deserve it!!

Even the United detractors – and there are many of them – agree United have played the best football all season. They are great value and have played breathtaking attacking football all season in the greatest tradition of Manchester United.

Next weekend I hope we will be celebrating winning the Premiership Title and how sweet that would be for all United fans. We have had to put up with hearing from football ‘experts’ in the media about how great the Chelsea squad is and how weak the United squad is supposed to be.

Just like in the world of business - always question people who call themselves ‘experts!’


Frank van Ammers said...

Best of luck in the last matches Trevor. It's time we have a new champion and I agree ManU deserves it this year.
I hope for you that the outcome of the final round will be less exciting as the last round in the Netherlands. Here we had three clubs with the same amount of points and with small differences in the number of goals scored and received.
So at the beginning AZ Alkmaar was the virtual champion and then we had 5 changes during the match (going from AZ to PSV, to Ajax, back to PSV, back to Ajax and finally PSV).
Fortunately I am not a fanatic anymore. But I can imagine a few men with severe heart stress during those last 90 minutes.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Frank.

The late Bill Shankly (manager of Liverpool) said;

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.”

Anonymous said...

The Championship is going to be won this year by a Champion Team and everyone will ultimately be happy with that outcome...

Chelsea will find something to complain about (as usual)BUT in this case as always the winner's will celebrate "long and hard" while the loser's can make their own arrangements...

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Richard.

I hope United will be celebrating on three fronts with the Premiership, the FA Cup and the European Champions League.

What a treble that would be if we can do it again as in 1999. I am always optimistic and although it will be a real challenge I have a feeling 2007 could see a repeat of something I thought would never be repeated.

Sir Alex is an inspirational leader.