Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Joy of the Web

Here is a picture of two of my great 'virtual friends' that I have yet to meet.

Felix Gerena (left) from the Basque Country (Spain) and one of my two co-authors of the book ‘Three Amigos with One Message’ met my virtual friend of 5 years Tom Asacker (right). Tom is a very high profile US Marketing Guru.

The pair met last week in Boston, USA whilst Felix was in the States on holiday.

Felix kindly sent me this photo and also gave me his permission to publish the picture.

I am in awe of the positive power of the modern technology and one day I hope to meet both Felix and Tom in person.

Felix also met another mutual Blogging friend Steve Sherlock whilst in the Boston area.

The web may have its critics but as far as I am concerned it has only positives if you look only for positives.

Felix has his own Blog called Brand Soul but at present he is having some problems with Typepad and hopes soon to put the photos on his Blog

Felix Tom and Steve - 3 fine gentleman - I am proud to know you all.


Steve Sherlock said...

Indeed, it was a good dinner and conversation with Felix.

I wrote about it here.

Alas, my camera did not record worthy photos, or they would have been posted. Next time!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve

As you know my friend, I am a man of a certain age who still finds all this stuff a novelty. Technology is wonderful when used in this way to firstly establish, then nurture relationships that eventually result in meeting. The world is indeed a tiny place sometimes. I hope you and I will meet soon too.

Unknown said...

It is indeed a small world, and we are all much more similar than not. Let's hope this wonderfully new technology helps bring us all together to improve our collective lots. Thank you Trevor.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Tom and the pleasure is all mine my friend. Hope you and yours are all keeping well.

Warmest regards from both me and Annie and we look forward to meeting up one day on one side of the pond!