Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Whatever happened to fairness?

A professional person said to me yesterday:

‘Yes I agree it sounds unfair, but that is business.’

Well I’m sorry to take exception but that is not ok in my book.

This issue was about pressure being exerted by a prospective seller of a property on a prospective buyer to exchange contracts or lose the property to someone offering more money for the property after a deal in principle had been agreed.

Whatever happened to words like integrity, ethics and moral responsibility?

I’ve never accepted and never will accept that fellow human beings can be trampled on and deals broken because someone has offered more money.

A deal is a deal in my opinion.

A handshake means a deal and the sooner business reminds itself that integrity is all that matters the better place this world of business will be.


Dan said...

Well said, Trevor! I too am amazed by the way some people will hide behind the "it's only business" idea, as if that excuses all sorts of inhuman behavior.

I read The Godfather several years back, so my memory might be a bit rusty, but I seem to recall, towards the end of the book, the son responds to the "it's not personal, it's just business" concept with an angry "It's always personal, everything is personal" rant... and he's right (and I think that's what his father, The Godfather, believed too... but he didn't say it out loud).

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - hope you are well and thanks again for your comment

'Everything is personal' - I love that - and I agree of course.

I once got into trouble in a public meeting when one of the Board Directors of the healthcare organisation I was working for at the time told me I was taking some cricism of a project ... 'too personally'

I responded as follows:

'That's because it feels pretty damned personal'

I got a mild ticking off by the Chief Executive about behaving that way in a public meeting .... but nonetheless I felt much better for saying it rather than giving a stuffy professional response that left me seething inside ... I have always been one to wear my passion on my sleeve and with that sometimes comes a lack of respect for protocol - engaging the mouth before the brain as some might say ..... but hey Dan - it makes for a more interesting life don't you think? :-)

I know the CEO agreed with me but he had to be seen to 'counsel me' :-)