Monday, April 23, 2007

Good to be back

My apologies for the lack of postings on Simplicity Blog since Thursday last week. I have been in bed most of the time since then with Gastric Flu.

Losing 12 pounds this way is not recommended.

We are in the final stages of buying a house so this could not have come at a worse time but illness of course has no respect for time or convenience.

I’m finally beginning to feel a bit better today (Monday) and I will be spending the next couple of days catching up on numerous e-mails.

I hope to be firing on all cylinders by the end of the week.

Annie has been wonderful as always – thank you darling. We men do not make good patients!


Dan said...

Welcome back - sorry to hear you were sick!


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Dan - such is life my friend but perking up today - lots to do :-)