Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What is REALLY important?

Last night I went to a meeting of 14 local people who have formed a committee and they are trying to raise money to take a young man with a terminal illness to Lourdes before his final demise.

It made me think very seriously about

  • business
  • management
  • leadership
  • simplicity

Real life is not about high flying business executives, management jargon and complex language invented to preserve the reputation of the people who designed the language.

Real life is about well meaning and dedicated people who give up their own precious time to do something to help another human being at times of need.

This committee worked hard as a team for a couple of hours, planning their fund raising event and I was proud to listen and admire the commitment and determination of these people.

Business as a whole; Managers; and Leaders can learn an awful lot from attending such meetings.

If they did - maybe, just maybe, some meetings in business settings will finally use language that is understood by everyone in the room rather than the elite few who seem to glory in confusing others with crazy ineligible words.

Phew ....I really enjoyed that rant!!! - Give me Simplicity every time


Anonymous said...

That is so true. It kind of reminds me of the story all I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten. It truly is the the simple things that matter the most. Things like caring for each other are priceless. That is why I like to teach values to young people. They seem to be the most basic elements for mankind, but the first to get lost in the adult and business world. Simplicity really is the key. It would be nice if we all had to sit in on meetings such as the one you described. one with no ulterior motives or agendas. Just people coming together trying to do the right thing. Thanks for that story and have a TERRIFIC day.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky

You are in a special position in helping young people understand the importance of simpicity in all matters.

Managers and leaders should get involved in something small,local, simple and yet profound in their locality but outside their work - and I am sure many do just that. It really does keep us grounded.

There are thousands of people every day organising things like this and it is easy to get involved. One simply needs to show an interest - the rest will follow.

Reemember me saying in my book? 'the basics are the new cutting edge' - this yet is another simple example.


Anonymous said...

"Simple is beautiful". I like that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am catching this chatter a little late. But anyhoot -- yes, 'simplicity' is the true essence of what makes the world tick. Like once I was called into a fourm which needed direction and I hestiated, but then cajoled into it when director said "come as you are - talk as you talk and just do what is you feel is right" !!
Well, it just felt so nice to hear those words that evenutally I just did that.
Thought leadership, builds character, Character builds people, People build communitys and Communiyts make up HumanityV2.0 !!