Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And they say it's good to Talk?

Peter Colclough, Chief Executive, is a good boss and a good leader.

He was also my last boss in my National Health Service (NHS) career that ended in November 2004.

I well remember Peter one day said (no doubt lamenting the lack of progress on a particular project):

"When all is said and done ..more is said than done"

I like that!

Thank you Peter I use it regularly and many people nod approvingly with a sort of sad resignation expression of the reality in 'large organisation culture!'

Since leaving the NHS I appreciate Peter's wise comments even more - there is absolutely no doubt there is more talk than necessary in the NHS

Maybe we need to remember two mantras of a friend of mine John MackMersh;

1 Meetings are work!
2 Let's reclaim meetings!

What do you think?

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