Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The 'silly season' has started

With the announcement today from Tony Blair that there is to be a General Election on 5 May we can prepare ourselves for a few weeks of silliness as politicians tell us why the other party is bad for us and their party is good for us.

We can also look forward yawn,yawn, yawn to.....

  • Promises of making things better
  • Pictures of middle aged white middle class politicians kissing babies
  • Entertainment Icons nailing their colours to the mast of one party or another
  • Constant news about why my vote is important

And yet ... it is likely that less than 40% of the UK public who are eligible to vote will exercise that right ...

How can we really consider ourselves to have legitimate government when more than half the population cannot even be bothered to take up the opportunity to vote?

I suspect the British public are smarter than the politicians think - they want inspiration and excitement - not boring traditional monologue speak.

Nothing about politics inspires the 60% non voters to get out and vote - why don't politicians look at why that is rather than bask in glory of being elected by the minority.

That is not a statement about the Labour Party - it is a statement regardless of which lot are elected.

I happen to believe Labour have done a very good job for the last 7 years.

I may or may not vote - I will make up my mind on the day - I guess it will depend on my mood on May 5th and what is on the television!!

Happy Election!! - Welcome to the UK Silly Season

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