Thursday, April 07, 2005

Customer Care - Two Extremes

Just in the last few days we have experienced extremes of customer care and it got me thinking.

Annie and I were hungry on a shopping expedition - so we could not resist the well known small and homely sandwich bar.

We licked our lips in anticipation of the wonderful wholemeal sandwiches of brie and plum sauce and another of cheddar cheese and onion salad.

They were prepared perfectly in front of our eyes and we loved the meal.

The girl serving us however was surly, made little eye contact and was generally curt in her speaking. In fact - saying anything seemed a real effort.

The product was excellent ... the customer service was less than impressive

The following day we wanted to purchase some new trainers for our upcoming charity runs ... so we visited a large sports retailer.

We tried on at least three pairs each and were superbly looked after by a young man who obviously knew his stuff and had a wonderfully helpful manner ... sadly we did not buy a pair of trainers from him and we almost felt guilty leaving the shop without buying some but the lad had a smile on his face - even when we left him without a sale!

Food for thought

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