Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Embrace 'Eccentric' People

'Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.' - Bertrand Russell

I like this quote from Mr Russell - a wise man.

How many of us have been told in our career? - 'That won't work - we tried it before and it failed'

That is a sure fire way to put someone down in my book!

People always come at problems and issues with a different pair of eyes than mine - a fresh pair of eyes and a new mindset toward an old problem.

I must not have the audacity to 'judge' someone for that!

Never, ever, discourage someone who wants to sort something in their own way; don't question their methods; providing, of course, the methods are legal!


Anonymous said...

"it takes one to recongize one !! "

We first, must learn to be eccentric, wierd , wacko w/ever..before one can recongize one.

This in all essence --means that one goes past the tipping point without sliding off the bar !! :)-

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Peter

'Weirdo' is in the eye of the beholder.

If being 'weird' means 'lets get things done' then many people who may not appear weird are weird

Sometines in my experience, the greatest cage rattlers are very ordinary looking and acting folks who just get things done in a very quiet effective way. Introverts even.

Weirdos do not have to be extrovert characters raising hell methinks.

I raise a virtual glass to celbrate all weirdos out there!!


AJ Hoge said...

Trevor, great post. And I agree with pd, you've got to cultivate your own eccentricity, originality, genius, whatever in order to recognize and appreciate it in others.

This, at times, means taking risks.... doing what seems magnificent-crazy even when you know it will scare/annoy the entrenched non-weirdos.

(And sometimes it means risking/leaving your job... when the its-always-been-done-this-way crowd can't live with you or you with them... as I've recently discovered!!)


Trevor Gay said...


Thanks so much for your thoughts.

I congratulate you again for taking a 'principle' step of getting out of something you are not enjoying. More power to you my friend.

I took a massive career step last November and have never regretted it for a nano second.

At long last I am in control of my career. The buck stops with me. I can be as weird or as normal as I want!!


Keep rattling teh cage


Anonymous said...

I like "weird" people, cause they original thinkers. Urmm fave artists (music) Mike Jackson, Boy George , Prince etc. Urm scientists Einstein, Newton, Hawkins, The DNA dudes (names escape me), i like "emos" "goths" "punks" etc, yep im pretty wierd and why? i dont know my family is too conservative for real.