Sunday, April 03, 2005

Simplicity and Serendipity

Life is spooky sometimes .....

Quite by accident I recently discovered a kindred spirit thousands of miles away in the United States.

Bill Jensen from Washington, USA has written extensively about Simplicity and shares many of my passions about how we can make the world of organisations, management and leadership less cumbersome.

We both believe that there is far too much 'clutter' around organisations that prevents people doing great work. We both see Simplicity as a modern way forward.

Please visit Bill's Web site - you will find it entertaining and informative;

Bill's latest book - which promises to be hugely successul - is called
’What Is Your Life’s Work?'

It will be on the market from May 2005 and the book will be valuable in both your professional and family life.

You can download a free advance copy of Bill's new book by visiting;

Bill and I are talking about doing some joint projects on both sides of the pond around the Simplicity theme.

As I have often said 'the basics are the new cutting edge'

Simplicity Rules!!


Troy Worman said...

I thought I was your kindred spirit. Alas...

Excellent post!

"the basics are the new cutting edge." I love it!

Simplicity Rules!!

Trevor Gay said...

Of course you are a kindred spirit Troy - it turns out there are many of us!

I have a great friend who says 'the power of a consistent minority can change the world.' Amen to that

I through Simplicity we can make a real difference

Take care my freind and keep rattling cages

Simplicity rules!!