Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rattle the Cage

Here we are back again after another Public Holiday weekend.

I would like to promote Rattle the Cage Web site

A group of us have got together 'virtually' to create a community of like-minded folks on the subjects of leadership and management.

We are truly 'global' - we come from various parts of the globe as you will see if you visit the site. We share a determination to 'make a difference' and provide a forum to discuss important issues about organisations and work.

We all share a passion for creating change in the world of leadership and management and we believe Rattle the Cage will develop over the next couple years into an international leader in the field.

Perhaps the most important thing we all share is that integrity, professionalism and outcomes must always underpin our work whilst also having the mindset that says we can enjoy ourselves and make work an interesting and fun place to be.

I hope many of you will visit Rattle the Cage site
http://www.rattle-the-cage.com/ and post your comments in our Forum.

I would love to hear what you think.



Anonymous said...

Here's something for you.

you keep rattling the cage and we'll keep clapping !! how's zat for collobrative efforts eh ?

Anonymous said...

It's very exciting to get things rolling with rattle-the-cage again. So many wonderful things have been accomplished by the rtc members over the past couple of months. It is really going to be an exciting thing to be a part of.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Rocky

'Rattle the Cage' http://www.rattle-the-cage.com/
is a unique virtual organisation - we can be proud if it.

It has been a wonderful journey for all of us to date and the next year or so promises to be an even more thrilling ride.

We need lots more people around the world to get 'on the bus' with RTC.

Keep rattling the cage my friend