Monday, May 23, 2005

7 Neat Characteristics

I like this

I came across this list on a Web site recommended to me by my friend Rocky Noe from Kentucky USA.

The link to the site is

I love lists as Annie will testify.

To me this is a nice simple list of characteristics we could all develop to enable us to keep going despite obstacles and setbacks that are bound to challenge us.

  1. Devote yourself to your true purpose
  2. Follow your heart's passion
  3. Believe in yourself and your ideas
  4. Prepare for challenges
  5. Ask for help and build a support team
  6. Seek creative solutions
  7. Persevere, no matter what the challenges

Maybe after the weekend disappointment of Manchester United losing to Arsenal I could dedicate this to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United.

However one of the reasons Sir Alex - one of my leadership icons - has been the most successful football manager for the last 20 years is that he has always done all seven!!

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