Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A walk in the English countryside

What a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend - we had everything in England - scorching hot weather - damp and cold weather - in fact a typical English Bank Holiday.

The Blogs around the world were all quiet as the Bank Holiday made us all take time to re-charge our batteries no doubt.

Yesterday Annie and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Broadway!!!! (Worcestershire not America!)

The Cotswolds are a lovely part of England and we enjoyed a four mile walk surrounded only by the sounds, sights and smells of the English countryside.

It was lovely - we found a commemorative plaque at a point where five English RAF servicemen lost their lives during World War Two when their plane crashed on a bombing training mission.

We only have to search very briefly in this wonderful country of ours to find moments of history that make us gulp and realise how fortunate we are to live in a relatively peaceful era of history.

The other thing a walk in the countryside does is to make one realise that although to work hard is terrific, our leisure time and enjoying a cheap and very cheerful walk in the English countryside is hard to beat.


Anonymous said...

That green countryside is a gift for the eyes and the senses, isn´t it? It must be wonderful in this period of the year.

Trevor Gay said...

It is indeed wonderful Felix - England may not be the hottest place on Earth but for beauty it takes some beating methinks :-)

Anonymous said...

but did it really have to be broadway? hey, this is almost disneyland.

just joking.
i love england + and especially the cotswolds.

btw - sir bob - trevor, when is jamie oliver in for knighthood?
his feed me right campaign, hey, this is SO great - it sends shivers down my spine...

so trevor, do something, talk to your queen! today!



Trevor Gay said...

I don't have a hotline to her majesty but will do my best Jens

Jamie Oliver has hit on something we all surely support as parents - more power to his elbow I say.

He is less abrasive perhaps than Sir Bob but equally effective in his own way I guess :-)