Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thank you Tom and thank you Ted

My friend Tom Asacker in America sent me this lovely poem that I would like to share with you.
I have been in touch with the author Ted Yahraus and thanked him for his wonderful words.
A Circle I Walk... (On becoming a Grandfather)

By Ted Yahraus.

How does it go, this curvaceous path, so many call life?In yesterday's moments, we do arrive, proudly, loudly squalling,A young mom's dream, or quite unplanned, often dressed in strife...Memories dim, of long-ago's world ....time's pace so appalling!

Our spankings and giggles, transform into degrees,Crushes and heartbreaks, finally walking down aisles,Solemn vows, snow-white lace, newlyweds on their knees,Adrift in life's details, our ship rides the swells, triggering both tears and smiles.

How could it be? News is so strange... A baby has found its way here,A boy, once I was ...now called a dad, having a child of my own?That wiley imp called "time", with magician's wand, transformances seeming so queer...With brutal shove, kids do grow up, seeking those college loans.

Time's shutter clicks on a now-empty nest, my little girl having dashing suitors,Just who am I? I stand replaced, my blurry world's turned so upside down!I shuffle along, mid aches and pains, numbly in a stupor,Yesterday, a ringleader ....that I was! Transformed into staggering clown...

Just sit me down! I heard, I swear, ANOTHER little one's first squall,The child of my child? How strange the words, so darned crossways to my ears,That prankster called "time" has sure done it now... A trick to beat 'em all!A title of "Grandpa", once reserved for infirm, now sounds strangely dear...

A circular tale, I'm sure of it ... myriads have walked down this path,God's hand at work, His face is seen in all that is spinning, evolving...That boy, I STILL am, in this vessel yet ...you just do the math!Time's reach, quite unable to dull the spark, as 'round the sun I'm revolving...

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Annie said...

Oh Ted, this is such wonderful and poignant verse. I know that this poem hasn't been printed in its original line by line format. Readers should read this out loud to hear the clever rhythm and rhyme. Congrats... I just LOVE it! Well done Tom for introducing Ted's work to Trev and me.
Hi Trev... it's your turn (again) to make a cup of tea. Love you x