Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Team Effort?

"A team is a lot of people doing what I say"- Michael Winner

I will 'nail my colours to the mast.' I am a believer in teams 'self managing.' I want to see all teams given the freedom to do things how they want within some overall guideline. Something my dad would have called 'touchy feely' stuff!

But then …. I was intrigued to see this quote from Film Director Michael Winner. I have to say it does not suit my personal preferred style as a team member or as a team coach or as a team leader.

But then again ..... I think of my beloved Manchester United who clearly perform better on the field under the inspirational leadership of the club captain, Roy Keane, than when Roy is not playing. Roy Keane expects everyone to do as he says - you can see that in his eyes and certainly in the other 10 player’s eyes!

So now I am really confused!!

Maybe like everything else in work and life - there is no one right answer.

I think different circumstances and settings require different team approaches and thereby different leadership styles. The Michael Winner approach would be great if the house is on fire and we have to get out I guess.

On balance I think teams function most effectively when they are allowed to plan their own destiny within broad leadership guidelines.

By the way ... I do think all teams need a captain.

Would be fascinating to have your views on this.


Rocky said...

What a great topic for debate. I think I work best in an environment where the rules are clearly defined and the expectations are known by all. Within this framework is the ability to do what you do best and the freedom to get it done. if it is not done then you are held accountable by all. That is the essence of teamwork to me. Structure and freedom. Freedom and accountability.

felix gerena said...

I agree with you. There´s no unique model for leadership. It seems that the ideal model would be to expect a personal development and excellence from every member and let leadership be a guiding discipline. Like showing the path. But this is the ideal case which not always is the reality at every company. I must say i prefer the softer version. I even would say every team member has the obligation of becoming a leader. But not all are capable of doing it well.

Trevor Gay said...

'Custom leadership' in any 'current situation' is perhaps a description we could use?