Monday, June 27, 2005

Humility and Strength – are they compatible?

We heard an interesting lecture at church on Sunday about whether vulnerability and strength are compatible in our lives.

This started me thinking about discussing this in leadership and management.

Annie and I both prefer the term humility to vulnerability.

In my experience the leaders and managers I have respected most in my career have always been able to show humility as well as strength.

I think those who rule with an 'iron fist' through strength and never illustrate humility are missing a trick.

To admit one’s own fragility in my opinion is a great strength. Hiding that fragility behind an impression of hardness is only storing up trouble for a later day in my view.

I would be really interested to hear views abut this.

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felix gerena said...

They are compatible. The image of the iron man (usually men, indeed) without weak points is a farse and can be harmful for those who think that´s an ideal they should follow. I recommend anyone who wants to read something about this Friedrich Nietzsche´s "The birth of the tragedy".