Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Less REALLY IS more!!

Paddi Lund is an unusual Australian Dentist who:
  • Pulled down all his signs
  • Locked his front door
  • Took his name out of the phone book
  • And “fired” half his customers

Yet now …

Works 22 hours per week; earns 3½ times as much money; and loves going to work!

Quite simply, Paddi’s approach is to love his customers and make them feel special.

Though I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Paddi all the things I have read about Paddi confirm the things I have been saying and writing for the last 20 years about the world of healthcare.

Paddi is visiting the UK in September to talk about his experience and hopefully the culture and approach he has adopted so successfully will be taken on board in every healthcare facility in the UK. I hope to meet him then.

Paddi's approach is rooted simplicity and the things we all know make sense.

I do hope you will visit Paddi’s Website at this link and take on board his ideas.

Forget complicated process and just adopt this pragmatic and person sensitive approach. love your customers, make them feel special and everything else will follow


felixgerena said...

A good link Trevor. I think I´m going to buy Paddi´s book.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Felix - he looks a fascinating man - I hope to meet Paddi in September when he visits England.