Tuesday, June 07, 2005

'Race for Life' - Help fight Cancer!

My wonderful partner Annie is running in the 5 Km ‘Race for Life’ - dedicated to raising funds for Cancer Research - on June 15th in Birmingham, England as part of the national 'Race for Life' event.

Sadly, Cancer touches many families and t
his event - for women only - is growing each year as a fund raiser and an important part of the battle against the disease.

If you visit this Web Page you can sponsor Annie in a secure site - but please do not feel obliged to do so.
Some of my 'Blogging' friends from all corners of the the world have already sponsored Annie but there is still time before next week to sponsor her efforts toward this fantastic national cause.


Annie - like me - was a heavy smoker for 30 years until 2004 and since we both quit last year we have supported each other in getting fit and staying fit by joining our local gym and eating a healthy diet.
We both want to live longer is our simple motivation.

Annie could not run up the stairs this time last year without getting breathless so she has done brilliantly to be able to now run 5 Km non stop.
We both want to run a full marathon one day

Once again please do not feel obliged to sponsor Annie but even if you have simply read this you will have done something for the fight against Cancer.

So on behalf of Annie, thank you.


felix gerena said...

That´s a good cause. Cancer is a very researched disease but still thousands of people die of it every year. If you´ve had relatives suffering cancer you know the personal effort it demands to keep living.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you so much Felix.

Annie is determined to do her bit for Cancer fund raising and we sre so pleased with your kind words in support of her efforts.


Steve Sherlock said...

For whatever the cause, it is good to be healthy. Kudos to both of you for the healthy steps.

Congrats and good luck to Annie for the 5K. I have run for 30 plus years and there is nothing like the self satisfaction of a good race, well run to relax afterwards and plan for the next one.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Steve.

We both train regularly now and support each others efforts to live a longer life - that is our prime reason for keeping fit!

One day we want to run a marathon together.

Cancer is still perhaps the most feared illness and most people will know someone who has suffered from Cancer. Many have lost a relative or friend to the disease.

Anything that can be done to keep the research going must be worth it - we all surely have a vested interest.

Warm regards


annie (trev's other half) said...

Thanks to Felix and Steve for your comments. I've lost track of how many miles/kilometres Trevor and I have run in the last few weeks! It's all good fun...if you don't mind sweating buckets and aching limbs... but it's hugely satisfying at the end of the run. Sounds like cheeky stuff, heehee xx

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