Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A simply 'thank you' is really not that hard is it?

Today I sent an e mail to Central Trains Limited naming and complimenting a member of staff in the ticket office at the local railway station for his kindness and efficiency and the way he personifies excellence in customer care.

I cannot describe it, but some people in front line customer care positions have that little’ extra’ and it shines through. This man has that intangible quality.

It made me think that maybe we should do more complimenting staff for delivering excellent customer care.

Customers often complain when things go wrong and that is fine – in fact I encourage people all the time to complain if they do not get the service they expected.

What we probably don’t do enough of is offering praise and compliments when we receive good customer care.

A simple e mail, a phone call, or even better, a short, handwritten note is worth its weight in gold to the recipient when a customer feeds back their gratitude.

I can see the cynics saying – ‘People are just doing their job and we should not thank people for doing something they are being paid to do.’

I don’t agree with the cynics.

So many people - day in and day out - do a great job and never receive thanks - surely it is not too much to ask that we as customers just occasionally take time to express and record our thanks for the way we are looked after.


Troy Worman said...

A simple thank you is really not that hard! God bless the ones that use their powers for the forces of good rather than the forces of evil.

We all have the power to add or subtract a little happiness in the lives of the people with whom we come in contact. It is a choice that each of us makes everyday, some more consciously than others.

Some people believe that there is a leveling out of sorts--a balance of positive and negative energy that ebbs and flows through our collective conscious. I'm not one of those people.

I believe there is enough positive energy for all of us to be happy and more. I believe that each of us has the power to draw on this positive energy force at will. I believe it is that simple, a matter of will, a matter of choice.

Trevor Gay said...

Wonderful response Troy - thank you my friend - you are so right.

I have always looked upon the glass as being half full rather than half empty and sometimes we optimistis can get disappointed when things don't go the way we hoped.

Neverthelesss I still think it is better for the soul to believe things can be better.

A little thank you goes a long way in my experience.

Hope you are well Troy.

Omara said...

Now, that's starting making a difference! Keep going on it please.