Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Special Day

A wee bit of self indulgence today I am afraid as it is my birthday.

Annie and I are going into Birmingham for a stroll this afternoon and maybe we could be persuaded to sample the odd glass of chilled French White .... ahhhh!!! … The joys of an English summer.

Two months ago Sebastian - my first Grandchild - arrived in this world and today the first birthday card I have received as a Grandad arrived ... magic :-)

Birthdays are great and simply being with someone who makes me feel like the most special person in the world is the best present I could ever receive. Thank you darling Annie. Here's to the next 50 birthdays together.


Mike said...

Happy Birthday Trevor. And many more in the future, I hope. French white sounds good, too, but I'll tip a Scottish single malt (or two)to you this evening.

felix gerena said...

Happy birthday, Trevor. I wish you all the best.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Mike and Felix - we had a wonderful day - a very special time