Monday, March 10, 2008

Trust Me I'm a Patient

Today we delivered the first of a series of 25 ‘Trust Me I’m a Patient’ workshops across the South Central part of England in the National Health Service (NHS) between now and the end of June.

This workshop is about winning hearts and minds of front line staff, clinicians and managers working in the NHS about greater patient involvement in health services.

Annie and I work together in these half day workshops and that just adds to my joy. Not only does it feel like we are trying to help NHS staff and managers to increase customer involvement but the fact I am working alongside the woman I love makes it doubly enjoyable – life does not get much better than this. Annie is first of all a wonderful wife and also a brilliant professional. Thank you God!

If you are interested you can see more about our workshops at my Website - click here

The first workshop today was in Southampton and it went well. We had excellent feedback in the evaluation.

One down 24 to go ….


Unknown said...

I so totally LOVE the title of this workshop, my friend. It's brilliant, as you Brits say.

Best wishes to you as you spread your message!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - hope you are keeping well.

The workshop seems to be growing in popularity so others seem to like it too. Both Annie and I feel our work through this workshop can make a real difference. We have now delivered the workshop to over 1100 people working in healthcare in the last two years.

Keep well Dan :-)