Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free Speaking Advice from the Top Man

With Tom in May 2006 in London

If you want some fantastic FREE advice about the art of speaking from one of the world's leading speakers on business then go to Tom Peters at this link. Tom has a phenomenal record of speeches to millions of people all over the world over the last 30 years.

I was fortunate enough to attend a Tom Peters Seminar in May 2006 in London. Tom spoke for 6 hours in four 90 minute slots. It was a brilliant experience.

If you were to ‘buy’ professional advice on public speaking you would pay a fortune.

In this half hour interview Tom provides many nuggets of advice. The highlight for me is when Tom talks about the power of stories – Amen to that Tom. In fact my book ‘I Wanna Tell You a Story’ is a collection of 16 leadership stories. It has always been my belief that story telling is the most under used skill in any manager’s repertoire.

I hope you find time to enjoy listening to the great man in conversation.


Marilyn Jess said...

Dear Trevor,

Right on! Tom Peters is a speaker with passion, whose message is unique among business leaders. He's the only well known business guru I know of who explores, again and again, how women affect decisons made in families, and what impact this really has on everyday life. There's theory, and then there's real life--Tom's messages are real.

The magic of the internet allows us to listen, free, and learn from the best, like Tom. Thank you for showcasing him in this post.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn and that is praise indeed from someone with your skills, knowledge and experience as a speaker. I have spent many hours listening to Tom Peters on audio tapes and CD’s and then had the pleasure of seeing Tom live and in action two years ago. He is an amazing speaker.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed Tom Peters work since In Search of Excellence. His ability to take te most arcane business management concept, simplify it and gave an example or story that enable you to understand and assign meaning to it captures the very essense of learning. The interview was classic Tom Peters and well worth the listen. He's the best!

Trevor Gay said...

No arguments from me Dave on anything you say ... I too well remember reading 'In Search of Excellence' in the mid 1980's and immediately liking Tom Peters style. I still do.

Troy Worman said...

Wow! Kudos and congrats!

Trevor Gay said...

Best wishes to you too Troy :-)

Anonymous said...

Great link Trevor. Tom Peters opened up a whole new world for me about 16 years ago. I have since been inspired by his passion and his real belief that people make more difference than 'strategies' and 'processes'. A living legend!

Anonymous said...

P.S.In a very difficult last year/18 months, Tom Peters has been one of my 'sanity savers', as indeed has Simplicity blog. Although I haven't got around to commenting for a while, I've continued to look in on a regular basis and its been a big help amidst all the crap.So thank you Trevor.

P.S. Great to see your column on Training Zone. I've been a subscriber for 8/9 years.

P.P.S What a goal from Ronaldo tonight. You must be ecstatic! All the Best

Trevor Gay said...

Hi tomjam – good to hear from you again.

I won’t disagree with you about Tom Peters – a living legend is a great description. I consider myself very fortunate to have met the great man albeit briefly two years ago in London.

Sorry to hear things have been crap for a while – is there anything I can do? – drop me an e-mail if you wish

The Training Zone column will be a monthly feature so I am looking forward to that creating more discussion on simplicity.
Ronaldo is clearly now the best player in the world and Rooney is not far behind in my opinion – it was a vintage performance by Man United – totally professional and clinical.

And yes you are right - I am ecstatic! :-)

Anonymous said...

Trevor-thank you for your offer. I shall definitely drop you a line sometime. All the Best

Trevor Gay said...

Anytime tomjam :-)

Marilyn Jess said...

Just got a chance to listen to the interview. It is pure gold, as far as what it offers to us as speakers. As Tom made clear, speaking is really about--"tell a story, make a point," and repeat that formula.

One point that Tom made struck me especially--don't open your mouth to speak with groups unless you are passionate about what you say. I extend that out to groups I speak with--if you can't tell people your message in one sentence or less, you aren't clear enough.

Now, can we make Tom's interview required listening for all managers?

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Marilyn - Tom Peters should be compulsory listening for all managers but there are far too many who believe Tom is way off the mark - don't ask me why - as far as I am concerned he is aways on the mark!

I think to hear your comments as an expert speaker make me realise that Tom is saying the right things

Thanks again.