Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enthusiasm Rules OK!

As a 'mature adult' I have to say I get more than irritated when youngsters are criticised. I am very optimistic about my future being in the hands of the young people of today.

How fabulous it is when we see a youngster with real passion to make a difference. Yesterday Annie and I met such a youngster working in the National Health Service.

She is only 23 and it is just so obvious from her whole demeanour that she really wants to make a difference for her patients in the caring role she fulfils in the National Health Service.

She works with some very challenging clients and yet she approaches her job with such brilliant enthusiasm and optimism. I pray that she never loses those qualities and I just hope ‘the system’ does not beat that innocence out of her and wear her down.
We simply cannot afford to lose people like this.

We need people like this young woman more than ever before in management and leadership positions because it seems to me there are far too many people either burned out, tired or demotivated .... or worse still .... all three!


Anonymous said...

As a Manager/Trainer in the wireless industry, I too share your optimism about many in the younger generation today. As frontline customer service representatives they have one of the toughest, stressful, and least appreciated jobs on the planet,yet many are focused only on doing what it takes to grow and develop their skills, to progress and advance in the company. I look at each one as a future leader in this company, In fact, one of our cometitor's President of Customer Service started out as a frontline customer service agent herself. I'm fortunate to get to know them,learn from them and to be able to contrbute to helping them advance and progress. Our turnover tops 60% each year, because we as leaders are not providing them with the tools, compensation, work environment, opportinities, and leadership they deserve. I share your faith in the frontline folks, as I see them excel in spite of the conditions that they work in.

Trevor Gay said...

'I share your faith in the frontline folks, as I see them excel in spite of the conditions that they work in.'

Indeed Dave ... and thanks for your astute comments. I agree with entirely – young people rise above the mediocrity 'in spite of' rather than 'because of' conditions these folks work in.

Young people are 14% of our population in the UK but 100% of our future as Gordon Brown our Prime Minister puts it - I like that.

When I see such terrific work being done by youngsters it makes me feel warm inside and I rest easy knowing our future is in good hands. When we hear about bad things that youngsters may have done I immediately ask myself - who were their role models in earlier life? and the inevitable conclusion has to be my generation.

Keep up your teaching and coaching Dave and I love your expression;

'I'm fortunate to get to know them, learn from them and to be able to contribute to helping them advance and progress.'

You are a leader of repute my friend. Humility and integrity are the two greatest attributes of leaders in my opinion - you have both.

Anonymous said...

So what did you say to her to give her a pat on the back and what did you say to her boss to bring this good news to his attention?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark

We told her what a fantastic example she was to anyone working in the NHS and all those in the workshop agreed. Her boss was not there on Tuesday but on Friday this week we will see her boss at a second workshop in the same NHS facility and we will be telling the boss exactly the same thing. We hope her boss will of course already know … but it does no harm to remind people that they are managing a gem.

Anonymous said...

Enthusisam in infectious and has so much of positive effect, puts us right ongrowthtrack. It can move mountains. reminds me of volition Sumantra Ghoshal

Trevor Gay said...

ongrowthtrack - great name!!

There are some people who have an effect simply by walking into a room - suddenly the world feels a much better place ... and of course there are others who have the direct opposite effect.

It is usually about optimism and enthusiasm and the lack of them in my experience! ...and of course seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty ...

Turns out all economics is about mindset!