Tuesday, March 25, 2008

49 Commonsense Business Observations

In the busy world of business do you, like me, ever have times when you could just do with a book to fill in an hour or so? You know - those times when you have the time but not the means to do some quick and simple learning through reading something that will leave a positive mark.

I have the answer for you.

Joel D Canfield is a friend from the US who I met through Tom Peters Blog. Joel has written a super little book called ‘49 Commonsense Business Observations’ and I have just read it in about one hour. It is written, unsurprisingly in commonsense language and is full of practical tips and ideas about how you can use commonsense to grow your business and your reputation. I recommend this book highly.

Joel and I share a common view about the need for commonsense to underpin all aspects of business and management. He uses this book to illustrate how you can add value to your work and your business through commonsense.

Joel places great emphasis on integrity, honesty and an ethical approach in business and as such he clearly is a man you will do well to take notice of. I know Joel wants to receive feedback about his book and you can see more about him and how to order Joel’s book on his
web site. Later this year Joel will be publishing his follow on book called ‘The Commonsense Entrepreneur’

One of the joys of the internet and Blogging is the opportunity to ‘meet’ like minded people with whom I develop friendships that will last. I know Joel is someone who has terrific expertise and commonsense that I will be calling on regularly to increase my learning.

Good luck Joel – you deserve to succeed


Don Dewsnap said...

This is a nice accolade for Joel, but I would have gotten a bit more out of it if you had given even one example of the commonsense ideas in the book. I will track it down anyway.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Dan - appreciate your fair comment. Sorry, with hindsight I didn't do that!