Thursday, March 27, 2008

Children - our greatest gift.

I’ll be resting from Blogging for a couple of days.

I am passionate about the exchanges I have through Blogging both here and on Tom Peters Blog. I learn so much from the interactions I have with so many terrific people all over the world through Blogging.

At 55 years of age I love my work more than ever and I feel young enough to to carry on working for a few more decades yet just like my heroes Sir Alex Ferguson, Tony Benn and George Giarchi.

Work is good for me.

HOWEVER .......

Nothing can be more important than encouraging our children and grandchildren.

Today Annie and I look forward to a trip to see my two Grandsons Sebastian (right) and Reece (left) pictured above.

We are all blessed with many gifts from God. The opportunity and the ability to work is one gift that I cherish but the greatest gifts are people.

I am blessed to have the beautiful gift of Annie as my wife. I am blessed to have 3 terrific children who are gifts that make me very proud. These two wonderful grandsons are very special gifts who have both already made a huge impact on my world.

I will return to Blogging on Saturday.


Judith Ellis said... are a good man out of which your business and sense of life stem. Thank you for your kindness, fairness, and sense of responsibility to others.

It has been great getting to know you on your Blog, the TP Blog, and through our emails. I find you to be honorable indeed. This I value.

It was good to see that Erik Hansen acknowlegded you in the current Cool Friends interview--and what a fine interview for such acknowledgement. These authors are great! Reading your name, I smiled. Blessings, my friend.

Have a great time with the grandchildren. They're beautiful! Regards to Annie!

Anonymous said...

It sure is hard to argue the points you make when looking at the picture of your grandchildren. You deserve the break and you deserve your happiness. Keep rattling the cage.

Trevor Gay said...

Judith – I appreciate your kind comments. I feel very honoured that Erik mentioned me in his interview – I was pleasantly surprised too! Annie and I had a great time with my three children and the two lovely grandsons – I was able to act appropriately silly and generally ‘doting’ of course!

Rocky – look forward to Skype chat tomorrow Saturday and thanks again for your support Amigo!

David Wike said...

Just picking up on the Erik Hansen interview (congratulations on being mentioned), and the discussion about front line staff, I am reading a book on networking, ‘Let’s Connect!’ by Jan Vermeiren. His view is that ALL employees should be given business cards; yes even cleaners and the like, because ALL should be made to feel important and encouraged to represent their organisation.

Glad you enjoyed your trip down south. Hope you are going to work all weekend to make up for taking time off! I have just been watching a DVD about Bill Shankly (for your non-UK and younger UK readers, Shanks as he was known, was the inspirational manager who created the modern Liverpool Football Club). When he retired in 1974 he admitted that in his 15 years at Liverpool he had only had time to take his wife out twice!

Trevor, you will be pleased to know that several times during interviews he put his success down to … simplicity! Yes, Simplicity is the Key!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David and thanks for your comments. I think Jan Vermeiren is a wise man.

In my career the best ideas for improvements I ever heard in healthcare came in equal quantity from cleaners, porters, clerks and senior managers. Everyone is a team member. Everyone contributes.

We had a great time ‘down South’ thanks.

‘Shanks’ was a terrific character and highly successful. He was also a man of great integrity. I love the stories about him and it does not surprise me that simplicity was one of his most popular words. I remember one of his quotes.

‘What a great day for football, all we need is some green grass and a ball.’

It doesn’t get much simpler than that :-)

Dmitry Linkov said...

Rock on Trevor!

You have wonderful grandchildren and fantastic wife!

Trevor Gay said...

You are absolutely right on both counts Dmitry - hope you are well.