Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maybe Simplicity is catching on!

Does this posting make me a nerd? - No need to answer that!

There are almost 34 million Google entries for the word ‘simplicity’

I was therefore pleasantly surprised and very pleased to find my Simplicity Blog was the eighth highest rated Google entry.

Maybe Simplicity is catching on after all.

Doesn't prove anything of course but it makes me feel warm.


Anonymous said...

It is good to feel warm inside even if it means you are a nerd. Being a nerd is the new cool in the information age.

Trevor Gay said...

Nerds of the world unite Rocky :-)

Good to hear from you Amigo - we will re-connect on Skype soon I hope.

David Wike said...

Simplicity is at 8 but Trevor Gay is at number one!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David - I am actually more pleased about 'simplicity' being high on google search - actually it is 4th today if you check right now!!! - 'Simplicity' as a word is recorded almost 34 million times. 'Trevor Gay' is only recorded 6510 times.

Yours from 'Nerdland'