Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In the 'Simplicity' Top Ten!

I am thrilled that my Simplicity Blog has entered the top 10 if you feed in the word ‘Simplicity’ to a Google search worldwide.

There are almost 49 million hits for the word 'Simplicity' so to get into the top 10 gives me a good feeling.

here to see the proof.

Maybe Simplicity is catching on!


Unknown said...

Congrat's, Trevor! That's very cool news!

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dan - hope you are well. Keep it simple

David said...

You rock! Very cool indeed.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David - I appreciate your kind words :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done! Keep up to no1!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Kostas - seasons greeting to you and your family my friend:-)