Friday, December 21, 2007

Fork Handles!

I read today that the original script for the classic TV sketch featuring the Two Ronnies was sold at auction for £48,500.

Click here to read the BBC report of that auction.

I remember falling about laughing at this in 1976 - was it really 31 years ago?

A You Tube clip of the original BBC TV show is below - enjoy - I would be really interested to know from US readers whether this very British humour 'travels' across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm sure I missed a lot, the humor crossed the Atlanic well and made me laugh out loud.

Trevor Gay said...

Fabulous - thanks Steve - I'm so glad it 'travelled.'

The Two Ronnies are a British Institution in comedy.

Sadly Ronnie Barker (the customer in this sketch) died recently. Ronnie Corbett (the shopkeeper) is alive and still going strong - he is now in his mid 70's.

Anonymous said...

Very funny!!! Reminds me of "trying" to talk to people from New Jersey!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Carol - glad you enjoyed it - I'm not qualified of course to talk about people from New Jersey :-)

flanok said...
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Trevor Gay said...

Glad you liked it Mark!