Friday, December 07, 2007

A trip to London

The spectacular Canary Wharf, London

I spoke to a group of 25 dentists in London on Thursday evening about the value of patient feedback leading to improvements in services.

The great news is that it seemed to go down well which I was delighted about because dentists in the National Health Service are often portrayed as 'stuck in the mud' old school folks who do not want to change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This group of dentists seemed to take on board the concept of listening to patient feedback and making changes as a result

So I felt good that it was a worthwhile visit to the smoke …

On the way back from the meeting I got chatting on the train in London to a young American lad (probably late 20’s) who had moved to London from Chicago four months ago. He worked in the financial quarter of London in the Canary Wharf area - which by the way is a spectacular sight at night from the train on the journey back into Central London. The young American was telling me how much he loved London and the English lifestyle. It made me feel very proud of my great country.

One thing he said was how he finds it odd that Brits are generally so miserable first thing in the morning at his office. He is obviously getting to know the average Brit pretty well methinks!

He told me he believes London will become the financial capital of the world in the near future. Already he tells me London is the financial capital of Europe and is challenging New York and Hong Kong for the number one spot in the world.

Tony Blair could not have been all that bad after all.

As regular readers of Simplicity Blog will know I am a great fan of TB. I realise I am now in a great minority - but hey come on – that has often been true of my opinions so why change the habit of a lifetime of being in a minority?!


Mike Gardner said...

When you find yourself agreeing with the opinions of the majority you should start to worry! Leaders are never produced from the "majority."
Have a great weekend!


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Mike - have a good weekend yourself. Many English boxing fans in Las Vegas this weekend supporting Ricky Hatton in his world title shot.

Actually being in a minority is a good place to be 'cos it means challenging the status quo quite often :-)

Anonymous said...

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