Friday, December 21, 2007

2007 - A great year

Nicky Gumbel

Tony Benn

Professor George Giarchi

Sebastian and Reece

My beloved Annie

2007 has been another fabulous year for me.

We moved to our new home in July and we love village life in Shakespeare’s County, Warwickshire.

Work has been great with many new directions taken in developing the business. A few more new iron’s in the fire for 2008.

‘Old’ and ‘new’ Blogging friends from all over the world have provided regular challenge, inspiration and nourishment to my enquiring mind.

More inspiration has come from some more icons in 'my world' - Professor George Giarchi, Tony Benn, Sir Alex Ferguson, Tom Peters and Nicky Gumbel.

September saw the birth of Reece, my second Grandson joining his brother Sebastian, unbelievably, now two and half years old!

Most important of all Annie has been my greatest inspiration. Annie's love support and commitment to me and our marriage underpins how all other things fall into place. Thank you darling.

A very Happy Christmas to all who visit Simplicity Blog.


Guillermo said...

I wish you a better 2008...

great Blog, I found your blog in Tom Peters list...


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Guillermo and I hope 2008 will be brilliant for you too. Welcome to Simplicity Blog - I hope you will visit again and make commments. The richness and variety of views is critical to any Blogger as you know.

allysa said...

so cute

relax holiday play