Sunday, December 16, 2007

Age - No Barrier

I’ve been giving thought to age discrimination.

I look in awe at the energy levels of five of my heroes Sir Alex Ferguson 65, Tony Benn 82, Tom Peters 65, Professor George Giarchi 77 and my father-in-law Eric 80. I think it is a mindset thing.

I see no reason whatsoever to retire compulsorily from work at 65 years of age. God willing and good health allowing I want to be working at 70 years of age at least three days a week. I hope at 70 to have the same mental and physical energy levels that I have now. Ok so the physical fitness may not be quite as good but then I think why not? Jimmy Saville was running marathons well into his 70’s.

I get irritated when the pervasive attitude is that people somehow reach a 'sell by' date in business. Younger people have an important role in rattling cages and making changes to old fashioned ideas and business practices desperately in need of change. I argue that chronological age is not a restricting factor. In fact, experience combined with youthful exuberance is a very effective combination.

I am keen to play in the first ever five a side football team for people over 100 years of age

Anyone else want to sign up for my team in advance??


Anonymous said...

I don't know how things go in Britain, Trevor, but here we made mandatory retirement illegal a few decades ago. Our employment standards clearly state that "age" is a protected characteristic that can have absolutely no bearing on your employment in the same manner that race and religion are protected. And that's a good thing.

I'll sign up, but I want to play goal tender.

Unknown said...

I plan to die young... as late as possible.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be 95 years old, stumble across the finish line of a 10K race, and then head off into that big race track in the sky. :)

Trevor Gay said...

Mike – I already had you pencilled in to my team as a defender so if you prefer goalkeeper that’s fine by me.

Dan – when you have finished that 10K run you still have 5 years to recover to play in my 5 a side soccer team. 95 is far too young to go to meet the Big man.

On a serious point Mike – in Britain too we can carry on working beyond 65 and Professor George Giarchi (my Academic and life supervisor) continues to renew his contract with Plymouth University year on year. I can see George working well into his 80’s God willing.

Anonymous said...

It depends on how you feel about what you do. My father retired young because he could and because he was frustrated with his work. He went on to pursue other interests to stay vigorous and healthy. My aunt worked full time until age 77 because she loved her work.

A friend of mine says he will be shot to death by a jealous husband at age 90!

Trevor Gay said...

Mike - yes I agree it depends on lots of variables. I believe however it is largely a state of mind. Jealous husband image is hilarious!

Unknown said...

Yeah, 95 sounds old to me now, but ask me again when I'm 100... :)

Trevor Gay said...

Great answer Dan - remind me to remind you as we both may have a little trouble remembering - Have a great Christmas my friend. God bless you and all your family.