Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shopping types

Annie and I today took part in our annual bravery challenge and survived.

We went to our local supermarket to do a Christmas shop for all those things we need for the two day period while the shops are closed.

I often wonder if it would be like this if a third world war was declared. I imagine folks would dash out to the supermarket and stock up for months in fear of England being invaded!

As is my want, I was ‘people watching’ for quite a bit of the time we were in there.

I decided to pen my thoughts about some of the 'types' I saw.

The 'sightseer' shopper

This person seems intent on strolling, in a leisurely fashion, with their trolley, merely enjoying the sights. They do not appear to be particularly interested in taking things from shelves. They kind of, ‘gaze’ for a minute or two and then wander off down the aisle, seemingly content in their own little world.

The 'social' shopper

This person decides to have a discussion with her friend about her recent disastrous hair appointment. The growing crowd of shoppers grow increasingly impatient trying to reach the parsnips that are situated behind these two social shoppers having their deep and meaningful discussion.

The 'angry' shopper

This is the one who has had a row with his/her spouse about whether or not the shopping has to be done as a joint exercise. If looks could kill this person would have been a mass murderer in the supermarket today. No more explanation needed methinks

The 'aimless wanderer' shopper

This person is different from the sightseer shopper. This person seems to have no plan whatsoever. He/she will be seen following the flow of trolley traffic in one aisle. The next time you see this person they are going against the traffic. They do not appear to have any idea of where things are so they constantly find themselves going against the flow.

The 'laid back philosopher' shopper

This person has it all under control. He/she watches others rushing and looking stressed, rises above the mayhem and exudes an air of calm and authority. There is no look of frustration or anger – just sheer tranquillity.

I’m sure there are many more ‘types’ – please let me know. And by the way ..... which one do you fit into?


Brienne Guirantes said...

Hey I am a sales associate at Victoria's Secret and those are indeed the types of shoppers but one that is the most stressful for a worker the 1 million questions shopper they find a product then ask 50 million questions about it and if it comes with this or that and they make you try out stuff...OMG its spend 20 minutes with them for just 1 product.

Trevor Gay said...

Thnaks Ruban - keep smiling :-)

Anonymous said...