Friday, June 30, 2006

Please forgive personal indulgence!

Today I reached the grand young age of 54

The best part of my birthday – like every day of the year - is to celebrate the fact that Annie and I are together.

Annie told a few of my friends round the world and I got many personal birthday greetings for which I am very grateful.

A couple of the messages are shown on
Simplicity Gallery at this link;

Thank you darling Annie for organising such a great surprise – I love you more than Manchester United and Walkers Crisps!

And thanks again to all who sent greetings – I value it enormously.

Have a great day everyone – the sun is shining in every way!


Dan Ward said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor! Hope the next 54 years are even better than the first 54! :)

/pd said...

Happy B'day Trevor !!!

starbucker said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! May the sun shine on you always. All the best.

Dick Field said...

All the best, Trevor. Another year is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!

James said...

Happy birthday (uncle) Trev!

Frank said...

Happy Birthday Trevor. Oh boy, Shall I compare thee to a summer's day has now been demoted to crisp :)
Brave, Trevor, very brave.
Ruby would have kicked me out :)

Enjoy this day and the rest of your next year on earth.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Guys - we had a wonderful and peaceful day!!!

We look forward to England winning tomorrow - fingers crossed!!

Trevor Gay said...

James - great to see you visiting the Blog! - Tell your managers to buy the book! :-)

Marilyn said...

Trevor--Birthday greetings from across the pond, Vermont. I'll drink a toast to you at my upcoming Independence Day celebration :)
Aren't the 50's the best decade? We get back (some of us do)the instinct and sense we had as children.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn and thanks for your best wishes - I can remember the 60's better!

I am an optimist and I have great faith in young people of today so I tend to take off my rose tinted spectacles when looking back.

I think we are living now in a fabulous period of history as we communicate like this through technology and as long as we treat that technology as our slave and not our master I think things can only get better.

Enjoy independence day!!!

Marilyn said...

Trevor..what I meant was when we reach our 50's life becomes clearer somehow. The 1950's was when we were born and I have to agree the pace of change and all the innovation make today seem brilliant by comparison. I have an incredible amount of faith in the future as well. Today is the only certainty we have, I don't look back often, and I'm grateful to be able to communicate across the globe with people like you!

Trevor Gay said...

Oooops - sorry Marilyn!

Annie pointed it out to me that I had probably misunderstood!!

I must pay more attention!

Hsien Lei said...

Oh, no! I missed your birthday. Hope you had a great first month starting out your new year. :)

(And lucky Annie that you love her more than Man U and Walkers Crisps! lol)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Hsien!!! ...we had a wonderful day and the year gets better and better!!!

Dmitry Linkov said...

My god! I'm so slow with reading all the posts around, so I missed such a date! Shame on me!

Trevor! Very very best to you! You are a great man! Good luck to you and Annie!

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Dmitry - I appreciate your kind words. Annie and I are very pleased to have spoken to you on Skype and we wish you good luck with your new business.