Friday, June 09, 2006

Ask your manager these five questions!

Tony Benn – now 81 years old spoke in 2003 in the Old Vic Theatre in London to an audience of 1000 people reflecting on his life and politics.

Sometimes I get the opportunity when on a long journey in the car to listen to the CD of that talk.

It always inspires me to listen to the thoughts of such an experienced and gifted speaker with so much to teach us.

There is much for managers and leaders to learn from such wisdom. Indeed anyone interested in trying to make changes to improve the lives of others can learn from Tony Benn. In other words, all of us.

Anyway … as with all such talks one hears different things each time one listens and yesterday when listening to the CD I was reminded by Mr Benn of the 5 questions he asks anyone who holds power. He is probably talking about elected politicians and I think these questions can also be asked of managers and leaders in business.

I just love this:

1 What power have you got?
2 Where did you get it from?
3 How did you get it?
4 To whom are you accountable?
5 How can we get rid of you?

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