Monday, June 26, 2006

England plough on .... despite the cynics

The goal creates history as Beckham becomes the first England player to score in three World Cup tournaments

The cynics and the negative doomsayers keep on trying to undermine England's wonderful World Cup efforts.

Facts - We won our group. We have now beaten Ecaudor 1-0 on Sunday afternoon. We are into the last 8.

If we win the World Cup on July 9th the record books will simply show us as world champions - it will not show how we played.

As far as I am concerend we can win every match 1-0 with a lucky goal each time if we end up as world champions!!!

Bring on Portugal on Saturday afternoon!!!


Sriram said...

Hi Trevor,

Was unable to post my comment on your '9-fruits' post...dunno why...maybe technical snag...anyway, here are my thoughts on the subj...

Nice to note that you are embarking on a new (project) article titled ‘The Nine Fruits of Leadership’. I must say that I like and admire the 9 fruits listed by you but I have to say that it holds good for ‘spiritual leadership’ (soft side of leadership) and NOT corporate leadership. I believe, as corporate leaders the following are extremely essential:-

1. Having an uncanny ability to pick people in what they are good at & use them to your advantage – a.k.a. talent scouting / hiring
2. Intelligent, competent & confident (NOT complacent!)
3. Democratic, caring & compassionate
4. Futuristic thinking – predicting the future business outlook / trends etc…
5. Unparalleled mission, vision & action (execution)
6. Think Global – Act Local attitude
7. Dispense enthusiasm, motivation / morale
8. Be a team-player
9. Be fair & considerate
10. Demonstrate ethical behavior & act with highest of integrity
11. Self-controlled
12. Innovative & take calculated risks
13. Balanced yet Outgoing
14. Subtle yet distinct
15. Strong yet Gentle

Would love to have your thoughts on the above…

Frank said...

So it is Machiavelli after all Trevor :). The end justifies the means. Once again I beg to differ.
I read an interview with Van Bommel where he justified the karate kick of Bouhlarouz against Ronaldo. That is not the way that I would like to win and become champion.
There is a tendency to ignore or justify any wrong doing from the national team (remember Crouch and his dreadlock pull ?), but a true football fan should be able to be fair in all cases.
Also call me an old romantic, but I still believe that the world champion should be an ambassador to football, which means that you should play fair and attractive where possible. Not 100%, but at least significantly above average.
The last time that happened in my opinion was 1970 (yes I saw that one. It was my first).
So yes, I aim very high. So far, I have only seen one positive surprising team: The Germans. And I am sorry mate, but England hasn't impressed at all.
I look forward to Germany - Argentine and I hope that the winner makes it to the final.
Still this is football and it is still possible that England improves its game. If that happens, they may earn their place in the final too.
But as you know there is a difference beween earning and getting :).

Mike said...

We were visiting the Tower of London Sunday afternoon and could hear the huge crowd across the river cheering and blowing horns during the match. It didn't sound like there were any cynics in that neighborhood!

And, on the plane home Monday, a lot of British passengers were watching the replay of the match as if it were live, getting excited all over again.

(But what's with Beckham barfing on the pitch after his goal?)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Sriram - I'm sorry the technology didn’t let you comment in the right place but your points are taken on board and I have relied to you by e mail

Mike - glad you enjoyed the London trip and Becks was just de-hydrated in the heat - but what a hero to keep going despite feeling so ill – typically English :-)

Frank – how do I answer that my friend :-)

I believe you will see the best of England in the quarter final, then the semi and then in the final as winners. We have ‘done enough’ to get to this stage without being outstanding. I agree the world champions should have something special and I am sure if England hit top form the tournament will be remembered for Rooney, Beckham, Gerrard and Lampard and maybe even Joe Cole. Football is not about playing wonderful flowing football and ending up losers. Look at Spain – I think they play the most beautiful football but they never win anything. I am a fan of Manchester United as you know and United have for years played brilliant football and won things but they are rare. Even Brazil who won it in 2002 were not that thrilling and if fact they were lucky to knock out England in 2002. I hear what you say but as a proud Englishman I am delighted to see my team in the last 8 which is already a better performance than 24 other teams :-)