Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Nine Fruits of Leadership

I have already had brilliant feedback in the last few days from people about my concept of The Nine Fruits of Leadership and I have now published my first thoughts in an initial – fairly crude – article on my Iwrite4U Website at this link;

Please visit Iwrite4U and send me your comments about the article to:

I am excited about the potential to develop The Nine Fruits of Leadership and I am grateful for any feedback whether positive or not so positive!!

Although I am an avowed and passionate advocate of the ‘softer’ side of management my shoulders are nevertheless pretty broad and I don’t get too upset these days as I get older!

I promise I no longer ‘take my ball away and refuse to play’ like I did maybe 10 years ago!!

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kenspeaks said...

Great job Trevor. I just linked to your article from my blog. I have written a couple of simliar articles. I think your comments on peace were outstanding. Thanks!