Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thank you to The Eagles


Last night Annie and I went to the long awaited Eagles Farwell-1 2006 Concert at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. The arena was sold out with a 13000 audience.

It was inspiring - almost 3 hours of pure magic!

They boys performed all the Eagles classics and a couple of new songs. Their harmonies are better than ever and they obviously still have that intangible special star quality.

How wonderful to hear such great instrumentals, these are real musicians and how great to hear all those classic songs. There were two encores and they finished off with Hotel California and Desperado to a standing ovation.

Not bad for a band that was formed in 1971!

Seeing The Eagles perform ‘live’ has been a dream of mine for over 20 years so this was very special. I may not get the opportunity to see The Eagles again, so thank you guys for a memorable evening I will never forget.

Needless to say I got my ‘Eagles Farewell -1 2006 Tour' T-Shirt.

Following Annie’s impartial yet diplomatic guidance I had to reluctantly accept that the medium size was not big enough so the large size T-shirt gives me another incentive to keep up the exercises!

There are a couple of pictures on Simplicity Gallery


Frank said...

Which reminds me of an Asterix comic where Obelix stands in line to get a Roman uniform. He insists on medium and since it doesn't fit, he asks the Roman guy: "Are you sure this is a medium"? He replied: "I am quite sure that this is a medium and that you are not".

Annie said...

Very funny Frank!

Trevor's just wonderful, whatever his tee-shirt size