Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Prayer

God of all nations may we be blessed with the gifts of a football team.

As goalkeepers may we keep out the fierce shots of prejudice, racism and greed, saving others from the penalties of poverty and disease

Working together as a strong back four, may we defend the goal of fullness of life for the oppressed and vulnerable

Grant us the versatility and stamina of midfielders that we may go wherever we are needed to support those in trouble

Give us the creativity and vision of wingers, providing passes of encouragement to those who can make fairer laws and crosses of hope to those in despair

When we are strikers, may integrity, justice and compassion be the goals we would score

And when we are on the subs bench, keep us faithful, cheering on others and inspiring them with fresh belief and energy when we are called to put on our boots

God of all our hopes and all our excitement may this World Cup see new friendships made, old hatreds dismantled and the richness and diversity of life celebrated by all people whatever the colour of their shirt and may the best team win! Amen

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