Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rooney is Back!!!

It’s great news that Wayne Rooney is fit and will play for England from the start tonight against Sweden.

I think it is really interesting how (it seems) the whole nation is putting so much faith in a 20 year old.

As a life long Manchester United fan I am of course looking forward to seeing Wayne in action and my only fear is that we are putting too much pressure on his young shoulders.

When we look at Rooney he appears to be able to deal with all the expectation and I am feel this World Cup tournament is in some way fated for him to ‘arrive’ as a genuine world class talent.

I just hope the same people support Wayne if things do not work out.

I hope we remember this hype if his future career hits some bad times as he inevitably will lose form or whatever.

We are very good in England at building up our sporting heroes only to knock them down again when things do not go well.

Anyway ... my prediction ...for tonight is two goals for Rooney and a 3-1 England win.... I am always optimistic!


ShopAtHome said...

Good Luck England!


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks AJ - althought we only drew 2-2 we finished top of the group and we move on to play Equador on Sunday - Bring 'em on!! :-)