Saturday, July 01, 2006

England lose on penalties ..... yet again

England are inconsolable after exiting a major championship at the quarter-final stage for the third consecutive time

England's world cup dream is over for 2006.

We lost again on a penalty shoot out to Portugal in the quarter final.

We played for almost an hour with only ten men after Wayne Rooney got sent off and we have to come to terms yet again with another miserable exit.

Will we ever win a penalty shoot out? This is at least the fourth time I can remember we have lost a penalty shoot out in a major tournament! One day it surely has to be our turn.

I was proud of our boys who played their hearts out.

We now start building for 2010!


Dick Field said...

Le jour de gloire est arrive' . . . Looks like it is the year of The Continent, old boy . . .

Trevor Gay said...

Looks that way Dick but I am very proud of our Engish lads

L'Angleterre pas tricheur

Phil Gerbyshak said...

It was a good showing, nonetheless. You're right to be proud. Perhaps next time will be *the one.*

starbucker said...

Tough one Trevor - I just watched the end of the Italy/Germany match; boy, was that a tough one too if you were a Germany fan. A couple of daggers in the 120th minute. In any event, it was indeed a good showing for the English side (a heck of a lot better than what the USA did, that's for sure!)

Trevor Gay said...

Thank Starbucker - England were on course to get to the final but the luck went against us. We must now re-build in readiness for the next big tournament which is the European Championships in 2008 and then the 2010 World Cup.

The Italy and Germany semi final was a classic - no 'diving' or feigning injury by cheating players - just fully committed men giving their all - a wonderful advert for football. (Soccer)