Friday, July 28, 2006

Virtual World

I have just completed as a co-author my second book. This is an exciting project and unique as far as I know.

I have two good friends Roger (Rocky) Noe from Kentucky USA and Felix Gerena from the Basque Country in Spain. The three of us have never actually met but we have become good friends through our ‘virtual’ connection. We have spoken on Skype and communicated electronically over the last year on a collaborative project to write a book which is now finished and will be published in the next month.

This book is called "Three Amigos with One Message" and as soon as it is available I will publish details of how it can be purchased.

The fascination we have had in writing the book has been as much about the unique nature of the project as about the book itself.

We have established a deep friendship and trust between the three of us despite being separated by thousands of miles, two continents and an ocean. We come from different cultural backgrounds and all of this has been achieved through the joys of electronic communication.

Do you know any other folks who have never met but have written a book and got it published? – If so please let me know.

The three of us feel it is destiny that we will meet one day to talk about the process we have gone through.

I would love to hear your comments about the sort of process Rocky, Felix and I have been though in the last year and it applicability in the hum drum everyday life of business.


Roy Cavanagh said...

On the face of it, this sounds like a wonderful idea for a book; original, innovative and quirky. I wish you and the other two amigos all the very best with it. Tout it to agents and publishers until they're fighting over the rights! Seriously, I think you have every chance of success with this (depending on how good the content is) because it is so original. I just hope you can all agree on the final edit. The idea behind it very much captures the modern world and the effect of technology. Good luck Trevor, and keep us all informed.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Roy - I appreciate your comments.

All three of us have already agreed the final content amicably. The book will be published in the next month.

We all like the content and independent folks have given us good noises.

Dan Ward said...

Congrat's on finishing the book - that's a wonderful accomplishment (and I hope Lulu works out for you).

Rocky said...

This has proven to be an incredible experience and a monumental accomplishment. In many ways it is unbelievable, however, it is very much a reality. I have developed a bond with my Amigos that is hard to describe and even harder to explain. I think we are on to something and I look forward to see how others follow this and others improve upon the process.

Mike Gardner said...

Rocky--nice to see you are still around!

Trevor, Rocky, (others, too)--how about doing an in-depth piece on Lulu and explain to us how it differs from an old-fashioned "vanity press." Open their process up to the light of day so others can see if it could work out for them as well. Just a thought.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank Dan for all your help with LULU

Rocky - we are on a great journey Amigo!

Mike - Yep I agree it would be good to promote LULU even more - if you go to the LULU Website all is explained in a fairly simple way

As far as I can see there is nothing but positives with LULU and Dan who has used LULU many times says it is wonderful – that’s good enough for me.

starbucker said...

Trevor, until I entered the blogging world I wouldn't have thought a collaborative project like yours would be possible. But now I'm a believer. After all, aren't all of us collaborating every day in our little "connected" community? Congrats and good luck with the project!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Terry – I appreciate your comments. Technology is only the ‘vehicle.’ What makes things happen is building trust in a relationship and that is what Rocky, Felix and I have spent our time doing.

Technology is wonderful - I am a passionate fan - but relationships are still what it is really all about.