Monday, November 12, 2007

We must not forget

Annie and I attended the outdoor memorial service in our tiny village with one hundred or so other people yesterday, Sunday 11 November.

I saw an old man brush away a tear during the two minute silence. He stood proudly alongside a broken hearted young mother and her three young children – her soldier husband was killed last month in Afghanistan.

The service made me appreciate again the debt I owe for my freedom – we all need to be reminded.

Yesterday was not a time to argue the rights and wrongs of war. Yesterday was simply about remembering millions of young men and women who lost their lives in wars fighting for the freedoms I now enjoy.

We must NEVER be allowed to forget.


Steve said...

I agree. Remembrance Day is not a day for moralizing or accusations or taking the high ground. It's a day for remembering all the ordinary people who lost their lives and to be thankful that we have not been called upon to make the same sacrifice.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve and welcome to Simplicity Blog

I feel so lucky that I have never been called to fight in a war or even experienced a war - unlike my parents and grandparents.

I have great faith in young people and I hope they will continue to campaign for peace everywhere in the world. We all share one planet and we have to learn from history. My greatest worry is that history constantly proves that we don’t learn.